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Golf Course Equipment


Greensbooms for the golf course or the turf care industry feature seven nozzles spaced 10 inches apart with air induction nozzles for big, air filled drops for less drift, a glycerin filled gauge, Teejet 43 gun valve trigger gun and large 16.5x6x5 tires.  Frames are available in either steel or aluminum.  This unit is also useful for lawn care maintenance.


Fairway Sprayers

Golf course fairway sprayers are available in a variety of sizes from 200 gallons to 500 gallons with wide tires for floatation over turf. Booms normally run between 12 and 21 feet. They can be either manual or hydraulically folded. We can offer tilt or boom lift on each wing, rate controllers, foam marker, GPS speed and guidance and many other options on these sprayers.

Reel Caddies

Reel caddies are available with
Hannay reels, 18.5×8.5×8 tires and clevis hitch.  This unit consists of the reel, the cart and a 7 foot jumper hose to get to your irrigation riser.  The hose is extra and can be either a green, turf friendly, vinyl coated hose or a red rubber one inch hose.  The reel will hold approximately 125 feet of either one.