344BEC-24-C Shutoff Valve 1


25 RPM, 0.6 second shutoff fully open to close.
Flexible inlet/outlets provide quick simple plumbing
for a single valve. See page 77 for more information.
Available in 2-way or 3-way versions. 2-way valves
allow complete shutoff while the 3-way valves divert
flow to a bypass line when boom controls are shut off.
Stainless steel stem with optional polypropylene or
stainless steel ball.
Maximum pressure rating is 300 PSI(20 bar).
The flow rate for the 344BEC 2-way valve is 32 GPM(121 l/min) flow rate with a 5 PSI(0.34 bar) pressure drop.
The flow rate for the 344BEC 3-way valve is 24 GPM
(91 l/min) with a 5 PSI(0.34 bar) pressure drop
Wetted parts are Nylon, Teflon®, polypropylene,
stainless steel and Viton®



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