AA144P-1 Directovalve




Corrosion resistant, 430 stainless steel,
solenoid grade armature and armature stop
No stroke adjustment required
Fabric reinforced Viton® diaphragms and
Viton® seat washers
Electrical connections are protected to
reduce damage and corrosion
Integrated mounting slot accommodates a
6mm bolt (10mm hex head)
Replaces AA144A solenoid valves directly
without any plumbing or electrical wiring
Polypropylene body for chemical resistance
12 VDC encapsulated coil and magnetic
2.5 amp current draw – same as AA144A
Maximum pressure rating:
100 psi for 2-way AA144P-1,
65 psi for 3-way AA144P-1-3
Flow rate at 5 PSI pressure drop:
10 GPM for 2-way AA144P-1,
8 GPM for 3-way AA144P-1-3


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