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Christmas Tree Sprayers

Christmas tree sprayers feature 200, 300 and 500 Gallons elliptical tanks, with Honda engines and Udor Kappa 43GR diaphragm pumps rated for 10 Gallons at 560 PSI. Also one or two reels, we put 300 feet of hose on each reel, the reels can be manual or electric Hannay reels. For the Christmas tree sprayers we also put quick disconnects on the inside of the reel for the operators when they have the hoses pulled out, they can then disconnect the hoses, go refill the sprayer tank, come back, reconnect and start where they left off without having to roll the hoses back up. The skids feature fork pockets for ease of loading and unloading from a truck or trailer. Also standard is an 8 Gallons tank for hand washing and clean up ability in the field.