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About H&H Farm
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Here at H&H, we manufacture equipment for agriculture, landscaping, construction, experimental research, nurseries, poultry, livestock, and recreation. We make your sprayer relevant for what you’re growing. Every crop and every piece of land is unique, so they all require specific needs in spraying—whether for water, fertilizer or herbicide. That’s been our job since 1978. Most sprayers are one size fits all and we specialize in taking it one step further.

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Quite simply, our specialty is sprayers. H&H technicians are uniquely qualified and trained to keep your sprayer (equipment) in field-ready conditions. We service all major brands of pumps and engines, using OEM-certified parts. That’s why nothing else feels like, works like and performs like H&H equipment.

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As the authorized source for most industry-recognized parts and components, we have the unmatched ability to specify, design, and fabricate equipment optimized to your application. We start with all the best parts and add the value of experience & expertise- building it your way based on your needs. Go to our Parts tab for more information about our vendors and parts for sale.

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